Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15378:2017 certified.

A Brief On Injection-Blow Moulding Technology

“Injection-Blow Moulding” in relative terms means the fusion of two processes i.e: The Injection Process and the Blowing Process. It is a two step process, where the bottle preform is initially made at the Injection stage and the preform is later blown at the blowing stage.

The Main Features of Injection-Blow Technology
Tight Tolerences

Since the threading part of the dropper bottle is Injection moulded, it makes it possible to maintain tight tolerances and consistent dimensional accuracy, of the neck portion of the bottle. Therefore IBM technology plays a very critical role to prevent leakage.

No Finishing

The IBM Technology is very unique, whereby a fully finished dropper bottle comes out the machine without any scrap. There is no finishing required of these bottles, hence no human touch thereby avoiding a major source of contamination

Design Features of IBM Bottles
Fiber Free

The IBM Technology eliminates the secondary operations at source, thereby avoiding a major source of contamination.

Leak Proof

To provide an efficient Leak Proof pack, we have given a groove in the nozzle, and a corresponding collar on the neck of the bottle, when the nozzle is fitted on the bottle, there is an audible click, which signifies a snap fit, making the pack leak proof.

Tamper Evidence

To provide a seal of tampering, the dropper bottle has been designed in such a way that once the cap fits over the thread and the ratchet smoothly, and after fitting, on unscrewing the cap, the seal breaks, giving evidence of tampering.